Tips & Tricks : Ubuntu 18.04 missing packages


Once you install Ubuntu 18.04 some packages might not be found by default in repositories (example: php7.2-fpm).

If you want to have more packages available just add repository with more packages available 🙂

sudo add-apt-repository universe

Now you can enjoy more standard packages available.


Cryptocurrency : ArcticCoin (ARC) MasterNode Setup


If you interested in cryptocurrency and want to support certain coin and community as well as earn some money, you might be interested in running MasterNode for chosen coins.

In this article I put together some quick guide how to setup ArcticCoin MasterNode. I have this MasterNode setup and running on dedicated VPS with Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64-bit.

So, once you identified hosting provider of your choice, check if you can deploy VPS with that operating system.

Once you have server deployed you can SSH to it as root and follow commands below…