How-to : Extend internal storage with SD Card on Android 6.0


Many phones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow has disable ability to use SD card as extension of internal storage. That limits number of apps we can install on the phone.

However, there is quick fix which allows to enforce SD card to work as Internal Storage extension.



Apps : Cisco7PCF for Android


Just released small app for Android platform. This app allows to decrypt type 7 password from Cisco devices as well as passwords from Cisco VPN profiles (PCF files).

Password which can be recovered using this app:

  • wireless keys fro Cisco access points,
  • RADIUS/TACACS shared secrets
  • NTP authentication keys
  • Enable passwords (NOT enable secrets, which are stored using MD5)
  • enc_GroupPwd – VPN group password from PCF file
  • enc_UserPassword – VPN user password from PCF file

You can find app in Google Play: