How-to : Access BlackBerry PlayBook via SSH


So, I was wondering how to access my PlayBook using SSH. It would be really convinient to access it from laptop, browse files, etc. I did poke around on Internet and finally identified solution how to SSH to PlayBook 🙂 For now only as a normal user and working towards getting root access (I guess Dingleberry will be helpful at some stage) 🙂

For now let’s have a look into details of accessing PlayBook via SSH. for that I will use:

  • BlackBerry Tablet SDK 2.0.0 – available for free on BlackBerry web page here. There might be newer version available by now.
  • PuTTY – I guess most popular free terminal emulator for SSH, Telnet and Serial connections, available here. From that package PuTTY.exe and PuTTYgen.exe will be required.



Apps : passPCFdecode for PlayBook


Recently submitted to BlackBerry AppWorld new application. This time small app which allows to decrypt enc_GroupPwd parameter from Cisco VPN Profile (PCF file).

Awaiting for application approval.. once approved I will add button with link to BlackBerry AppWorld store.

New application will be available for free 🙂

UPDATE: Unfortunatelly application has not been approved to be published in AppWorld without any reasonable explanation.



Apps : pass7decode : My First App for PlayBook


Finally it happened that I commited my first application for BlackBerry PlayBook. Application I’ve created decodes Type 7 password which is stored in Cisco devices configuration. It is not complicated application and has splash screen and one application screen, but it does what I expected this piece of software to do 🙂

Using this small app you can decode:

  • wireless keys fro Cisco access points,
  • RADIUS/TACACS shared secrets
  • NTP authentication keys
  • Enable passwords (NOT enable secrets, which are stored using MD5).

I hope to develop this application and add some more decryption abilities for Cisco devices (like group password from PCF file for example).

Here are screenshots of my first app 🙂