Building Home Lab

This section will help to build lab environment to test and evaluate solutions at home.

How-to : Create virtual machine template for VMware Workstation 8

How-to : VMware Workstation 8 and GNS3 integration

Network Automation with RANCID

RANCID – Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ – one of my favorite tools. Definitely will help you to control changes on network devices as well as be preapred for potential device failure when most recent configuration needs to be restored. Also, with a bit of invention RANCID can help to rollout changes across all network devices at once in fully automated manner. Check all articles to see how RANCID can help you with controlling network.

How-to : RANCID installation on openSUSE 11.4 “Celadon”

RANCID configuration file in-depth

How-to : Adding devices to RANCID

How-to : Using WebSVN as RANCID repository access tool

Microsoft NPS/RADIUS integration with Cisco

How-to : Integrating Cisco devices with Microsoft NPS/RADIUS

Riverbed Steelhead

In this section I share results of my experiments with Riverbed Steelhead appliance.

How-to : RiOS upgrade on Riverbed Steelhead 250H

How-to : Riverbed Service Platform (RSP) installation on Riverbed Steelhead 250H

How-to : Package virtual machine for Riverbed Steelhead with RSP

High-Availability Solutions

How-to : openSUSE & keepalived for Firewall HA

How-to : Setup AlwaysOn Availability Group on SQL Server 2012

How-to : Publish multiple URLs with single IP and HAProxy