Config snippets : useful Netdom command


Quick side note, not to forget for future.

Rename computer

Netdom renamecomputer %computername% /newname:Test-Server

Join computer to domain

Netdom join %computername% /domain:domain.com /UserD:Administrator /PasswordD:*

How-to : Integrating Cisco devices CLI access with Microsoft NPS/RADIUS


Many times I came across one issue… how to grant access to CLI (Command Line Interface) on Cisco devices without creating separate username and password for each user on each device? In order to resolve that I did use AAA features of Cisco IOS and built-in Windows Server 2008 R2 component – NPS (Network Policy Server).

Those two mixed together can create very nice environment which allows flexible management who, when and how can access network devices. Same time, Active Directory will be central place to grant or deny access to devices as well as enforce specific privilege level.

Below is simple diagram of the whole process and steps which take place when accessing Cisco device integrated with NPS/RADIUS.



How-to : Use SQL Server to query Active Directory


I think it’s common problem as Active Directory gets bigger in organizations, control over content of that mission-critical component seems to be lost. Same happened in my place. In addition to that we had to provide information from AD on a regular basis in a form of report. We had no tools to pull all data from AD, process it and present in some readable format. However, I was working with skilled SQL guy who was also very good in Reporting Services. So, I proposed that we can link Active Directory with SQL Server and use Transact-SQL to pull information from AD, process it on SQL and then make it readable and presentable through Reporting Services. That would allow SQL guy to process all information and do all kind of reporting required.

Here are components of our LAB environment before solution went to production:

And below steps how we made SQL Server 2008 R2 to work with Active Directory to use Transact-SQL queries to pull information from directory database.