Config snippets : Cisco : Redirect console output to telnet session


This is one of those things I always forget when is needed. How to redirect console output to telnet session when debugging something on Cisco device.

So, not to forget it I record it for future reference (I guess from now on I will remember that, but well.. what you do… just Murphy’s law)

From telnet session just issue command shown below, and all debug logs will be redirected to telnet session.

R1#terminal monitor

Config snippets : Cisco : Password 7 Decryptor in Adobe Flex


As the effect of my attempts to produce some small applications in Adobe Flex, I commited decryptor for type 7 passwords stored on Cisco devices.

Using this small app you can decode:

  • wireless keys fro Cisco access points,
  • RADIUS/TACACS shared secrets
  • NTP authentication keys
  • Enable passwords (NOT enable secrets, which are stored using MD5).