Tips & Tricks : Migrating Mozilla Thunderbird settings between computers


If you have to move Mozilla Thunderbird data from one computer to another, you can do it by simply copying files between computer.

Folder with Thunderbird profiles is located here:


There will be at least one or more sub-folders with profile data.

What you need to copy is content of Thunderbird profile you want to migrate to new computer.

On destination computer install Thunderbird and in same folder there will be sub-folder with default profile.

Copy all file from source profile to destination and that’s it.

In case you want to create Thunderbird profile in different folder start Thunderbird with following command:

thunderbird -p

That will allow you to define location of the new profile.

How that helps with migrating Thunderbird between folders/drives or computers.


How-to : Relocate iTunes folders to different drive/partition


Using any of the iDevices with PC computer with Windows 7 will enfornce us to use iTunes as application which can synchronize content of a device with PC, backup device to the computer, etc. By default iTunes will create all folders for content synchronization between PC and iDevice on C: drive. However, sometimes this might be inconvinient, especially if someone has multiple partitions on hard disk dedicated for certain type of content. Also, when number of applications, music files and movies is growing on iDevice iTunes can consume lot of space, so this might be reasonable to move iTunes content to another partition or disk on our system. I will show quick way how ot make iTunes data move smooth and transparent for our device.