By default ADLDS does not allow to reset password on users created in ADLDS repository over connection without SSL. As sometimes there is a need to build test environment with ADLDS quick, SSL is the last thing which anyone would care about, especially if main thing to test is script automating password resets.

So, for convenience of the developers ADLDS allows to disable requirements for SSL connection to reset passwords. How to disable that reuqirement? See below how it was done on server where ADLDS was installed on port 50389:

dsmgmt: DS Behavior
AD DS/LDS behavior: Connections
server connections: Connect to server localhost:50389
Binding to localhost:50389 ...
Connected to localhost:50389 using credentials of locally logged on user.
server connections: q
AD DS/LDS behavior: Allow Passwd op on unsecured connection
Successfully modified AD DS/LDS Behavior to reset password over unsecured network.
AD DS/LDS behavior: q
dsmgmt: q