Quick procedure to logon or logoff phone extension to or from ShoreTel IP phone. Steps listed below will allow to bring your phone extension to phone located in remote site and then send back to home ShoreTel IP phone. Of course both phones have to be part of same ShoreTel infrastructure (have to be managed from same ShoreTel HQ server).

In order to assign extension to the phone

  1. Press the Voice Mail button
  2. Press # button
  3. Enter your extension and password
  4. Press 7 – Options
  5. Press 3 – Reassign
  6. Press 1 – Assign extension to this telephone

In order to logoff extension from the phone and send back to home phone

  1. Press the Voice Mail button
  2. Enter your password
  3. Press 7 – Options
  4. Press 3 – Reassign
  5. Press 2 – Log off this telephone

(Extension will go automatically to home phone, once logged off)