Recently I came up with idea to upgrade operating system on my HP TouchSmart tm2t to Windows 8. In general there was no major issues except one. As this computer has two graphics adapters (Intel for low performance when operate on battery, AMD/ATI for better performance when operate on mains) there was small issue with configuring Switchable Graphics option.

After installation computer was operating only on low performance Intel card and thre was no possibility to switch to AMD/ATI. Here is what I’ve done ot make it work:

  1. First component which has to be downloaded and  installed is HP Software Framework
  2. Next component to be downloaded is AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver (installation will fail, but driver will be uncompressed to C:\swsetup\SP50550)
  3. Next, I went to C:\swsetup\SP50550, right click on Setup.exe and click Troubleshoot compatibility.
  4. Follow compatibility wizard and when allowed choose that driver was installed with no problems on Windows 7
  5. Then click Test program buton to initiate installation
  6. Once installation is finished reboot computer
  7. After reboot when you right-click on desktop you will see Graphics Properties and Configure Switchable Graphics same way as on Windows 7.
  8. Now it is possible to switch graphics adapter accordingly.

Now you can enjoy switchable graphics on HP TouchSmart tm2t and Windows 8.