As I had to fight with WIndows XP Autologon (we have it on many computers which are used for example for CCTV), I think can write down one more quick tips how to skip Autologon feature and use different account to access computer (for example to install Windows Updates).

So, situation I was dealing with was computer with Windows XP, connected to Active Directory domain with Autologn feature enabled. After computer started I’ve seen welcome dialog and after pressed ctrl-alt-del autologn procedure kick in and login to computer with restricted account. How to skip autologon process and be able to enter different username and password?

Solution 1

When restricted user is logged on, press Right-Shift key and hold it pressed. Same time click Start / Logoff. When computer logs off you will get logon windows with ability to enter your username and password. In short, autologon procedure will be skipped.

Solution 2

If you can access computer with autologon enabled remotely using Registry Editor you can always remove certain registry keys described in article Windows Registry : Autologon in WIndows XP, then logoff and logon using desired domain or local account.