Tips & Tricks : OneNote 2013 keeps crashing when trying to open notebook from OneDrive


If you come across issue that OneNote 2013 will keep crashing each time you try to open notebook from OneDrive

  • Go to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\15.0 folder and delete OneNoteOfflineCache_Files folder and OneNoteOfflineCache.onecache file
  • Go to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\ path and delete OfficeFileCache folder.

Then go back to OneNote 2013 and try to open notebook from OneDrive. This time it should work.

PS. %userprofile% points to C:\Users\%username%\


How-To : Install RDP server on Raspberry PI with Raspbian


By default on Raspberry PI with Raspbian you can enable SSH and connect via text terminal connection.

However, Raspberry PI offers also graphical environment.

How to access Raspberry PI graphical desktop remotely?

Here is how to install RDP server on Raspberry PI with Raspbian…



Cheat Sheet : Deprecated/Removed features in Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2012 R2


Removed Deprecated Removed


AD FS v1 Web Agent x
AD FS in-place upgrade from AD FS 1.0 or “out of box” AD FS 2.0 x
AD FS support for “Resource Group” x
AD FS support for NT Token mode x
AD FS support for using AD LDS as an authentication store x
AD RMS license revocation x
Application Server role x
Built-in drivers for tape drives x
Cluster Automation Server COM API x (made optional) x (optional)
Cluster.exe command-line interface x (made optional) x (optional)
CertObj COM and InetInfo interfaces of the Web Server role x
Dcpromo.exe x
Dfscmd.exe x
Drivers for Jet Red RDBMS and ODBC x x
File Replication Service x
Internet Information Service (IIS) 6.0 Manager x
Layered Service Providers x x
IscsiVirtualDiskSnapshot and associated WMI methods x
LPR/LPD protocol x x
Namespace for version 1.0 of WMI; WMIC (in WMI) x x
NDIS version 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2 APIs x x
Net DMA x
Network Access Protection (NAP) x
Network Information Service (NIS) and Tools (in RSAT) x
Nfsshare.exe x
NFSv2 support x
Oclist.exe x
ODBC support for 16- and 32-bit applications and drivers x x
ODBC/OLEDB support for Microsoft Oracle x
ODBC/OLEDB support for SQL beyond SQL Server 7 and SQL 2000 x x
Providers for SNMP, Win32_ServerFeature API, Active Directory, MSClus WMI1.0 (in WMI) x x
Recovery disk creation x
Remote Data Service x
Role Collector (Ceiprole.exe) and associated API x
SCSIport host-bus adapter x
Servermanagercmd.exe x x
SIS Limited API x
Slmgr.vbs options x
SMB 1.0 x
SMB.sys x
SMTP and associated management tools x x
Storage Explorer snap-in for MMC x
Storage Manager for SANs snap-in for MMC x
Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications x x
Support for 32-bit cluster resource DLLs x
Support for hardware drivers for XDDM x
Support for Microsoft SQL Server prior to 7.0 x
Support for native VGA via the PC/AT BIOS or UEFI CSM x
Support for Static VMQ x
Support for Token Rings x
Support for Visual Studio Analyzer 2003 over ODBC, OLEDB, and ADO x
System Image Backup (“Windows 7 File Recovery”) x
Telnet server x
VM Chimney (also called TCP Offload) (in Hyper-V) x
Windows Server 2003 domain and functional levels of Active Directory x
Windows Authorization Manager (AzMan) x x
Windows Help executable (WinHlp32.exe) x
Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 x
Windows Server Resource Manager x x
Winsock Direct x x
WMI root\virtualization namespace v1 (in Hyper-V) x x
XDR schema elements, XSl pattern feature of MSXML3 (in XML) x x

Games : Codes : Skyrim – Room with all items


In Skyrim there is room created by Developers which contains all possible items you can find in the game 🙂

To teleport your character to that room use command:

  • coc qasmoke from game console

Once you want to leave that place use command:

  • coc whiterun from game console

That will teleport you to Whiterun and you can continue game 🙂


Tips & Tricks : BitLocker requires recovery key when USB device connected at startup


Sometimes when you start machine with BitLocker enabled and same time some storage device was connected to USB port, BitLocker might request Recovery Key. This happens because USB ports is listed on boot device search list. To avoid this type of event best idea is to remove USB from boot search list. However, changing list of boot devices might also trigger BitLocker.

How to deal with this type of situation? Follow steps below:

  1. Suspend BitLocker  – command: manage-bde -protectors -disable c:
  2. Reboot machine
  3. Go to BIOS and remove all USB devices from available boot devices list
  4. Boot up to Windows
  5. Resume BitLocker – command: manage-bde -protectors -enable c:
NOTE: All above commands have to be issues from Command Prompt with elevated privileges.

After that no more issues with BitLocker during startup when USB storage devices are connected.


Tips & Tricks : Office 365 Error 30088-4 “Something went wrong”


What to do when Office 365 shows you message “Something went wrong”?




How-To : Enable BitLocker PIN on computer in workgroup


If you have machine which is not connected to domain, but has TPM chip you might want to encrypt disks with BitLocker and enable PIN protection at boot-up.

In order to do that you have to make sure TPM is activated and enabled for provisioning in BIOS. Next step will be to allow PIN use, as by default that option is not active especially on machines not connected to Active Directory domain.

So, to enable ability to set PIN follow the steps:



Tips & Tricks : Issue with SmartCode VNC Manager License


Sometimes i thappens that SmartConde VNC Manager fails to activate. In that case follow steps below to fix issue with licensing:

  1. Open cmd.exe and change directory to:
    • Enterprise Edition: C:\Program Files\SmartCode Solutions\VNC Manager (Enterprise Edition)\
    • Standard Edition: C:\Program Files\SmartCode Solutions\VNC Manager (Standard Edition)\
  2. Run the following command: vncmanager.exe /licdev
  3. You will be prompted to enter a serial number. You must complete this step. After that the application will close.
  4. Start SmartCode VNC Manager normally via the start menu shortcut.

Source: SmartCode Knowledgebase


Config snippets : Activating Windows Server 2012 Core


As there is no GUI in Windows Server 2012 Core, we have to use command line and script in order to acivate system.

slmgr.vbs is a VBscript which allows to set product key and activate operating system. Below most common use of slmgr.vbs.

Set product key


Activate Windows

slmgr.vbs /ato

Display information about licenses

slmgr.vbs /dli
slmgr.vbs /dlv

Code snippets : Enable remote administration on Windows Server 2012 Core


By default remote management on Windows Server 2012 Core can be blocked by firewall.

In order to enable this functionality, issue following command from Command Prompt window:

Netsh.exe firewall set service remoteadmin enable ALL

Once it’s done you should be able to manage server remotely.